‘Your skin is a mirror image of your gut health’

Glowing, flawless #nofilter, makeup free, these are all phrases we are familiar with but how DO you achieve a healthy skin? and how DO you get ‘that glow’.

I’ll start you off with the basics.  Base level skincare regimes to follow, that’ll get you off to a glowing start.

  1. You wouldn’t build a house on an uneven foundation, as what would you get?

An uneven shack that’s leaky in winter and may well fall down!

That’s why it’s near on impossible to achieve healthy looking skin if you’re diet is out of whack.  Get your gut health in check!

If you are susceptible to bloating or an uncomfortable tummy after eating certain foods, this may be a good indication that something doesn’t agree with you and will most certainly be showing on your skin.  (usually the forehead area) Common causes are dairy and gluten.

Taking a good quality probiotic and plenty of water could be an amazing start!

2.  Too tired at night to wash your face?

Worst case you can use a cleansing mitt to wipe off makeup but you’ll still need to cleanse at least once after that.

Here’s your ideal regime:

  • Pre-Cleanse Oil to melt away makeup and micro exfoliate pores
  • Cleanse a clean skin.  Now your skin is free from makeup, you can cleanse.  The general rule of thumb is foaming cleansers for oily skin types and milky/cream cleansers for dry/normal/ageing skin types.
  • Usually forgotten, toning the skin can rebalance and hydrate before
  • Moisturising.  I like to focus on increasing my vitamin A levels at night-time as I know this helps to reverse damage and repair the skin.

Check out Environ Skincare’s ‘Step Up System’ designed to drip feed the skin with easily absorbed Vitamin A thus reversing damage such as acne, pigmentation, scarring and premature ageing.

For a more detailed, tailor-made regime, have a full consultation via email with me and I’ll give you some extra guidance.