brow tint and shape

Your brows will be transformed using a wax, tweeze, thread and trim method.

Traditional tinting  or Henna tint is included if desired, using the tint in the lighter areas first then running the tint through the rest of the brow to colour adjust where necessary.

There are many ways in which to apply a brow tint, no two brows are the same so it is important the application process is tailor-made to you so they look even in brow shape and colour.

The tint is removed with cool water and a soothing gel is applied to calm any redness from waxing or threading.

Your service is finished with a dusting of our Jane Iredale 100% Pure Mineral Powder and Pure Brow Gel.  Both 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.


Perfectly sculpted brows with a beautifully natural tint.

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