On-Location Private Makeup Lessons
In the comfort of your own home, each lesson is completely catered to you and what you would like to learn during this time.

It will help boost self-confidence and you will be able to perfect shades for your skin, eyes, and lips while learning which makeup brushes to use, correct product placement and blending techniques to perfect your face shape with ease.

Whether it is just an everyday look, or more evening glam, you will learn all of our tricks, tips, and techniques. The professional Makeup Artist will work on half of your face, showing you step-by-step and you will work on the other half.

It is also the perfect gift to give.

On-Location Group Makeup Lessons
1 attendee – $120 per hour, a minimum of 1.5 hours is required $180
Choose from a basic package of introduction to skin care, and an assessment and lesson to establish an everyday makeup routine that matches your lifestyle and creates a natural, illuminating look that enhances or hides features.

Makeup 101 for Adults
About this service
Enjoy a private one on one, in-home training, for your specific skin, feature shapes and colourings. Easy yet effective tips to create illusions with colours along with positive guidance you will finally be able to conquer your makeup trouble areas.
Lessons can be tailored to address any specific topic of interest.

Ideas of what you learn

• Skin analysis and suitable skin care products to overcome any skin concerns
• Prep your skin for makeup application
• Mature skin tricks
• Identify and enhance best features
• How to hide skin imperfections
• Creating a natural glow
• Correct foundation colour matching
• Creating illusions with colours and techniques
• Perfect brow shape
• How to create bigger eyes
• What kind of eyeliner should I use
• Eyeshadow colours that will brighten eyes
• Beauty therapy services that you would benefit from

Tricks of the Trade
About this service
This is designed for more experienced makeup wearers, showing tricks of the trade that yield a more professional presentation. Choose what is most important to you and have a tailor made lesson,new makeup techniques

Ideas of what you learn

• Strengthen your abilities, perfect your favourite makeup looks, and create new application skills
• Develop the technical skills to enhance your natural features and/or concealer and correct dark under eyes, breakouts, scarring etc
• Learn how to maximize use of the products and tools you already own
• Discover which products are worth an investment and which aren’t
• Gain a better understanding of product sanitization and longevity
• Assess the setup and lighting of your makeup application environment
• Obtain notes and face charts specifically related to your lesson
• Day-to-night makeup
• Smoky eye to suit you
• Learn corrective face shape contouring and highlighting techniques properly
• Illuminators / benefits of different colour shades
• How to soften features
• Eyelash application.

Add-On Services
Makeup Bag Makeover – $50 for 30mins
This involves going through your current makeup products and assessing which ones you should keep or throw away. I help streamline your beauty routine and recommend additional products that best match your lifestyle and makeup goals

Refresher class
If you book again after your first lesson you get 1 hour for $100

On-Location Group Makeup Lessons
3-6 attendees – 2 hrs $150 pp or 3 hrs $220 pp

About this service
• Receive group instruction in a comfortable home environment with friends
• Tailor the experience to the interests of your specific group
• Learn the basics, something you want to master or step out of your comfort zone and explore something more creative under the guidance of a professional artist
• Discover product and application tricks of the makeup trade
• Learn how to enhance  or reduce appearance your features

Introduction to Make Up for Youth
1 attendee – $120 per hour, a minimum of 1.5 hours is required $180

About this service
• Receive private instruction in a comfortable home environment
• Perfect for those becoming interested in makeup and who want to learn about age appropriate makeup application
• Gain essential knowledge regarding skincare routines, proper makeup sanitizing techniques and makeup removal
• Develop the proper techniques required to enhance or minimize specific features such as hormonal breakouts
• Finding skincare and colors that are right for your skin, eyes and hair colour
• Showing how different shapes and blending techniques create different shapes for your features
• Dos and Dont’s to suit you
• Receive a custom product recommendation list and follow-up support via email
• Parents are welcome to observe and learn